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CMA Prime time refers to the block of Youtube programming that occurs during the evening when the audience is the largest. This is when networks and broadcasters typically air their most popular and high-profile shows. This show is organized by the International Navodaya Chamber of Commerce. Sandeep Kumar, Founder of International Navodaya Chamber of Commerce is hosting the show.

CMA Prime Time show is very beneficial for CMA Students and newly qualified CMA. This show start at 7.30 pm daily evening. CMA corporate leaders participate in show and share their experiences.

CMA Prime Time leadership program organized by the International Navodaya Chamber of Commerce.

What is CMA Prime Time?

  • Leadership Development Show: It’s a daily YouTube program designed specifically for Cost and Management Accountant (CMA) students and newly qualified professionals.
  • Focus: The show aims to develop leadership skills, enhance career growth, and provide guidance for success in the field of cost accounting.
  • Host: Sandeep Kumar, Founder of the International Navodaya Chamber of Commerce.
  • Guests: Corporate leaders in the CMA field share their experiences and insights.
  • Time: Airs daily at 7:30pm IST

Objectives of CMA Prime Time:

  • Develop Core Leadership Skills: Strategic thinking, decision-making, effective communication, conflict resolution, team building, and goal setting.
  • Enhance Personal Growth: Build self-awareness, confidence, emotional intelligence, and ethical leadership frameworks.
  • Build a Professional Network: Connect with other CMA leaders, mentors, and industry professionals.
  • Gain Industry-Specific Insights: Some shows might focus on leadership within particular sectors related to cost accounting.
  • Exposure to Diverse Perspectives: Bringing together leaders from various backgrounds fosters fresh thinking and problem-solving approaches.

Why You Might Be Interested:

  • If you are a CMA student: Get valuable insights, inspiration, and practical advice to kickstart your career.
  • If you are a newly qualified CMA: Continue your professional development and learn from experienced leaders.
  • If you are interested in leadership development: The show offers guidance and strategies that are broadly applicable, even if you’re not in the CMA field.

How to Find CMA Prime Time

  • Search YouTube: Look for “CMA Prime Time” or “International Navodaya Chamber of Commerce” channel.
  • INCOC Website: The International Navodaya Chamber of Commerce website likely has information on the program (https://incoc.in/cma-prime-time/)

Objectives of CMA Prime Time

CMA Prime Time is a part of the Leadership Program being organized by the International Navodaya Chamber of Commerce. 

Typical Objectives of Leadership Programs:

  • Develop Core Leadership Skills:

    • Strategic thinking and decision-making
    • Effective communication and presentation
    • Conflict resolution and negotiation
    • Team building and collaboration
    • Visionary goal setting
    • Delegation and empowerment
  • Enhance Personal Growth:

    • Increased self-awareness and understanding of leadership styles
    • Building confidence
    • Developing emotional intelligence
    • Establishing ethical frameworks for leadership
  • Network and Build Connections: Participants engage with other leaders, mentors, and industry professionals, creating a valuable network.

  • Specific Industry Focus: Some programs specialize in leadership within particular sectors (e.g., healthcare, technology, non-profit), tailoring objectives to the field’s challenges.

  • Exposure to Diverse Perspectives: Programs may bring together leaders from various backgrounds, promoting fresh thinking and approaches to problem-solving.

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