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International Navodaya Chamber of Commerce (INCOC): Empowering Individuals and Communities

The International Navodaya Chamber of Commerce (INCOC) is a non-profit organization based in Delhi, India, established in 2021. Their mission is to catalyze positive change by empowering individuals, businesses, and communities.

Here’s what we know about INCOC:


  • To contribute to a more prosperous and inclusive society.


  • Active engagement
  • Empowerment
  • Inclusiveness
  • Innovation
  • Sustainability


  • Education and learning: INCOC provides various educational resources and learning opportunities, focusing on economic and business-related topics.
  • Entrepreneurship: They support and encourage entrepreneurship by offering mentorship, networking opportunities, and business development assistance.
  • Community development: INCOC undertakes initiatives aimed at improving the lives of people in communities, focusing on areas like healthcare, education, and women empowerment.
  • Collaboration: They collaborate with various organizations, including educational institutions, businesses, and government agencies, to achieve their goals.


  • INCOC has helped numerous individuals acquire new skills and knowledge, leading to better job prospects and career growth.
  • Their entrepreneurship support has helped launch and grow several businesses, contributing to economic development.
  • Community development initiatives have improved the lives of people in several areas, leading to better healthcare, education, and overall well-being.

Further Information:

Additional Notes:

  • INCOC is registered under Section 8 of the Companies Act in India, highlighting its non-profit status.
  • They have collaborated with various organizations, including the Yogoda Satsang Mahavidyalaya, to offer educational programs and workshops.
  • INCOC is actively involved in promoting sustainable development and social responsibility among businesses.

International Navodaya Chamber of Commerce

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