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GST Interview Questions

GST Interview Questions

  1. What is GST (Goods and Services Tax)?
  2. What is the objective of implementing GST?
  3. How is GST different from the previous tax regime?
  4. What are the components of GST?
  5. What is the concept of ‘Input Tax Credit’ in GST?
  6. How is GST categorized in terms of rates?
  7. Who is liable to pay GST?
  8. What is the threshold limit for GST registration?
  9. How is GST calculated on the transaction value?
  10. What is the difference between CGST and SGST?
  11. What is IGST, and when is it applicable?
  12. How is GST compliance different for businesses and individuals?
  13. What are ‘HSN codes’ and ‘SAC codes’ in GST?
  14. What is the GST Council, and what is its role?
  15. How does GST impact export and import transactions?
  16. What is the composition scheme under GST?
  17. What are the compliance requirements for GST-registered businesses?
  18. What is the role of GSTN (Goods and Services Tax Network)?
  19. How does GST impact the pricing of goods and services?
  20. What are the penalties for non-compliance with GST regulations?
  21. What is the ‘Place of Supply’ under GST?
  22. How do GST rules apply to e-commerce businesses?
  23. What is the role of GST audit and assessment?
  24. How does GST impact the real estate sector?
  25. How does GST impact the services sector?
  26. What is the mechanism for claiming Input Tax Credit (ITC) under GST?
  27. How does GST impact the pricing and availability of essential goods?
  28. What is the role of the GST ombudsman in dispute resolution?
  29. How does GST impact the small-scale and informal sectors?
  30. What is the anti-profiteering mechanism under GST?
  31. How does GST impact the healthcare sector?
  32. What are the GST compliance deadlines for businesses?
  33. How do you calculate GST on a product or service?
  34. What are the various GST return forms, and when are they filed?
  35. How does GST impact the transport and logistics sector?
  36. How is GST compliance verified by tax authorities?
  37. What is the role of the GST Appellate Tribunal?
  38. How does GST impact the manufacturing sector?
  39. What is the mechanism for resolving disputes related to GST?
  40. How does GST impact the restaurant and food industry?
  41. Where is the power to levy GST obtained from?
  42. What do you understand by the taxable event under GST?
  43. Is the reverse charge mechanism only applicable to services?
  44. Bring the implications in light, in case of purchase of goods from unregistered dealers?
  45. Can composition scheme be availed if the taxable person effects inter-State supplies?
  46. Can the input tax credit be claimed by the taxable person under composition scheme?
  47. The customer who buys from a taxable person who is under the composition scheme can claim composition tax as input tax credit?
  48. Can composition tax be collected from customers?
  49. Give the threshold for opting to pay tax under the composition scheme?
  50. Give the penal consequences if a taxable person violates the condition and is in-eligible for payment of tax under the Composition scheme?
  51. When exemption from whole of tax collected on goods and/or services has been conceded unconditionally, can taxable person pay tax?
  52. What do you understand by the remission of tax/duty?
  53. State whether remission is allowed under GST law?
  54. Does the model GST Law empower the competent government to exempt supplies from levying GST?
  55. What are the taxes that GST replaces?
  56. What is Input GST?
  57. What is GST Payable?
  58. What is GST Credit?
  59. When was GST implemented in India?
  60. What is the purpose of IGST?
  61. What are the GST rates in India?
  62. What is the composition scheme under GST?
  63. Who is eligible for the composition scheme
  64. What is GSTIN?
  65. What is GSP?
  66. What is the threshold limit for GST registration?
  67. What is the Reverse Charge Mechanism in GST?
  68. What is GST return?
  69. How often should GST returns be filed?
  70. What is GSTR-1?
  71. What is GSTR-3B?
  72. What is GSTR-9?
  73. What is GSTR-9C?
  74. What is the due date for GST return filing?
  75. What is the GST rate on gold?
  76. Are exports subject to GST?
  77. What is E-way bill under GST?
  78. What is the GST on services by educational institutions? GST Interview Questions

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