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International Women’s Day – Loyola College Chennai

International Women's Day - Loyola College Chennai

International Women's Day

International Navodaya Chamber Empowers Women Entrepreneurs at Loyola College Chennai

Loyola College, Chennai, witnessed a vibrant celebration of International Women’s Day on 06 march 2024 in collaboration with the International Navodaya Chamber of Commerce. The “Funding Solutions for Women’s Entrepreneurship” event drew over 200 enthusiastic students, eager to learn and be inspired.

The program focused on empowering women to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams by equipping them with knowledge about funding avenues. Guest speakers Ms. Jyothi Satish, Ms. Priya Shridhar, Dr. Geetha Premkumar and Ms. Madhuri Kashyap from the International Navodaya Chamber, likely successful women entrepreneurs themselves, shared valuable insights and practical guidance on navigating the world of business finance.

The event likely included:

  • Presentations: Experts shed light on various funding options available for women entrepreneurs, including government grants, angel investors, venture capitalists, and microfinancing schemes.
  • Panel Discussions: Interactive sessions allowed students to engage with the speakers, ask questions, and gain a deeper understanding of the challenges and opportunities faced by women in business.
  • Success Stories: Established women entrepreneurs might have been invited to share their experiences, struggles, and triumphs, serving as powerful role models for the aspiring students.

This initiative by Loyola College and the International Navodaya Chamber of Commerce not only celebrated the achievements of women but also planted the seeds of entrepreneurship in young minds. By equipping students with the knowledge of funding solutions, the program empowered them to translate their ideas into reality, fostering a future generation of successful women-led businesses.

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