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That’s a fantastic initiative by the International Navodaya Chamber of Commerce! A YouTube interview series focusing on top professionals and corporate leaders is a great way to share insights and inspire others. Here are some features I think would be excellent additions to the “Leader Discovery” show:

Feature Ideas

  • Core Theme: What’s the central focus of the show? Examples:

    • Overcoming Challenges: Each interviewee discusses a significant obstacle they faced and how they overcame it.
    • Defining Success: Leaders share their personal definitions of success and the philosophies that shape their approach.
    • The Future of [Industry]: Focus on evolving trends and where leaders see their specific industries heading.
  • Diverse Voices: Make sure to represent a wide range of backgrounds, industries, and experience levels. This will give the show a much broader and more valuable appeal.

  • The “Aha!” Moment: Ask each leader to share a pivotal realization or lesson that significantly impacted their career or outlook.

  • Paying it Forward: Have guests offer advice or actionable tips for aspiring professionals in the audience who wish to follow a similar path.

  • Failure as Learning: Normalize discussing failures as learning experiences. Ask leaders about a time they failed and what valuable lessons they took away.

  • Beyond the Resume: Get to know the leader as a person. Ask about passions outside of work, hobbies, or causes they support.

Production and Promotion

  • Quality Matters: Invest in good lighting, sound, and a simple but professional-looking set. Viewers will be more engaged.

  • Short and Snappy Intros: Create a standard, short intro sequence for the show to build brand recognition.

  • Social Snippets: Prepare short, impactful clips from each interview that are easily shareable on social media (quotes, surprising statements, etc.).

  • Dedicated Channel: Having a specific YouTube channel just for “Leader Discovery” makes it easier for people to subscribe and find new episodes.

Community Engagement

  • Call to Action: At the end of interviews, suggest ways viewers can get involved with INCOC or causes championed by the leaders.

  • Q&A: Either have a live Q&A section appended to the interview or host separate Q&A sessions where viewers can submit questions in advance.

  • Guest Recommendations: Ask the audience to suggest future leaders they’d like to see interviewed.

Key features of a successful television interview with the CEO / Director of a leading company, including tips for both the interviewer and interviewee:

Interviewer Focus

  • Compelling Narrative: The interview should have a strong overall focus. Consider these angles:

    • Current Challenges: How is the CEO / Director navigating a complex business climate?
    • Innovation and Transformation: Is the company disrupting its sector? How is new technology being integrated?
    • Leadership Insights: What management style drives the CEO / Director? How do they inspire and create a healthy company culture?
    • Future Vision: Where does the CEO / Director see the company heading? What are long-term growth plans?
  • Thorough Research: Deep understanding of the company’s background, market position, recent financials, and controversies.

  • Conversational Style: Avoid overly formal or robotic questions. A conversational and engaging approach makes for better viewing.

  • Mix of Questions: Blending fact-based, open-ended, and challenging questions keeps the interviewee engaged.

  • Adaptability: Listen closely and be ready to follow a line of inquiry based on the CEO’s / Director’s answers.

Interviewee Focus

  • Core Messaging: The CEO / Director should have 2-3 central points they want to communicate and work them naturally into responses.
  • Passion and Authenticity: People respond to leaders who show enthusiasm and genuine belief in their company’s mission.
  • Direct & Concise: Avoid rambling, corporate jargon, or overly technical language.
  • Embrace Preparation: Anticipate common questions and areas of inquiry. Consider practicing with mock interviews.
  • Human Connection: While professionalism is key, small glimpses into personality can make the CEO / Director more relatable. 

Additional Production Elements

  • Setting: Choose a setting that reflects the company’s brand (office, factory, store, etc.). Ensure good lighting/framing.
  • B-Roll: Visuals like product shots, employees in action, etc., add dynamism to the interview.
  • Pacing and Editing: Keep the final segment moving. Cut anything that’s overly long or repetitive.

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