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Sandeep Kumar is a Fellow Member of The Institute of Cost Accountants of India and Founder of International Navodaya Chamber of Commerce. 

International Navodaya Chamber of Commerce (INCOC)

An organization dedicated to catalyzing positive change by empowering individuals, businesses, and communities. It works to enhance brand value, nurture essential skills, and facilitate societal growth through various initiatives and services.

Founder of INCOC

The founder of INCOC, the International Navodaya Chamber of Commerce, is Sandeep Kumar. He is a seasoned professional with extensive experience in the corporate world and a strong passion for business development and community empowerment. Under his leadership, INCOC has emerged as a leading organization dedicated to promoting entrepreneurial spirit, fostering innovation, and facilitating trade and commerce.

Sandeep Kumar’s vision for INCOC is to create a vibrant platform that brings together businesses, entrepreneurs, and professionals to collaborate, share knowledge, and explore new opportunities. He believes that by nurturing a strong business ecosystem, INCOC can contribute significantly to the economic and social progress of India.

Sandeep Kumar’s commitment to INCOC’s mission is evident in his active involvement in various initiatives and programs. He regularly engages with members, provides guidance and mentorship to aspiring entrepreneurs, and actively participates in industry events and conferences. His dedication and leadership have been instrumental in shaping INCOC into a dynamic organization that is making a positive impact on the Indian business landscape.

International Navodaya Chamber of Commerce

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