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The Money Talks – Ranchi Press Club

The Money Talks - Ranchi Press Club

  • Event: Money Talks Seminar
  • Organizer: International Navodaya Chamber of Commerce
  • Location: Press Club Ranchi
  • Date: July 5th, 2024
  • Attendance: More than 80 participants
  • Topic: MCX and Social Stock Exchanges

Possible Discussion Points:

  • Connection between MCX and Social Stock Exchanges: MCX, the Multi Commodity Exchange, typically deals with commodity trading. It’s less clear how it directly connects to social stock exchanges, which focus on social enterprises and non-profits. Perhaps the seminar discussed potential investment opportunities in commodities that could benefit social causes.
  • Socially Responsible Investing: Maybe the seminar explored using the MCX platform for socially responsible investment in commodities, where the focus is on ethical sourcing and sustainable practices.
  • Diversification for Social Investors: It’s also possible the seminar addressed how social investors can diversify their portfolios by including commodities alongside traditional social stock exchange investments.

Guests of Honor:

1. Shri (Dr.) N Hari Babu – Principal, RTC Information Technology College, Ranchi

2. Shri (Dr.) T N Sahu Ji – VC, Jharkhand Open University, Ranchi

3. Shri Gaurav Rastogi Ji – CFO, NTPC Minning Limited

4. CMA Prabhash Mishra Ji – Chairman, CMA Ranchi Chapter

5. CMA Ajay Deep Wadhawa Ji – Head INCOC and Former Chairman, EIRC of ICMAI