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Welcome to The Worldonomics Times, a premier publication dedicated to illuminating the intricate world of global finance and economics. Launched by the International Navodaya Chamber of Commerce (INCOC) and set to release its first issue on May 5th, 2024, our magazine is tailored to serve as an indispensable resource for business leaders, policymakers, scholars, and anyone keen on understanding the economic forces shaping our planet.

Our Mission

At The Worldonomics Times, our mission is straightforward yet profound: to provide cutting-edge insights, detailed analysis, and comprehensive reporting on financial and economic trends worldwide. We strive to empower our readers with invaluable knowledge that transcends conventional reporting—delivering data-driven stories, expert opinions, and in-depth investigative pieces that delve deeper into the dynamics of international markets.


The Worldonomics Page serves as an educational platform exploring a wide array of concepts in the realm of economics. Covering topics ranging from global financial crises to macroeconomic theories and environmental economics, this page aims to shed light on critical issues that shape our world. Through informative articles, discussions, and resources, Worldonomics delves into the complexities of economic systems, exposing readers to diverse perspectives and thought-provoking analyses.

Editorial Excellence

Our editorial team, led by esteemed Editor-in-Chief CMA Sandeep Kumar, comprises renowned professionals and thought leaders from diverse financial and economic domains. Among them are Dr. Ravi Basu Rathod, a critical care specialist and CEO of Vikrant Criti-Care Air Ambulance Services; CA Preity Nagi, a distinguished corporate trainer; and CMA Dattatraya Ghadge, a respected professional based in Bahrain. Each member brings a unique perspective and expert knowledge to our content, ensuring it is not only informative but also enlightening.

Key Features:

The Worldonomics Times is committed to delivering a wealth of content that includes:

  • Global Perspective: Explore how different economies impact international business through our focused analysis and reporting.
  • In-Depth Reporting: Get beyond the headlines with stories that uncover the undercurrents of financial shifts.
  • Expert Opinions: Gain insights from top economists and financial specialists through thought-provoking articles and interviews.
  • Data-Driven Insights: Understand complex economic data through our visualizations and infographics designed for clarity and impact.

Exploring Economic Realities

With a focus on real-world applications, Worldonomics delves into the complexities of economic systems, offering insights into how economic theories intersect with practical scenarios. By examining the impact of economic policies, trade agreements, and market dynamics, this platform strives to enhance understanding of the forces driving our global economy.

Varied Perspectives on Economics

Worldonomics presents a myriad of viewpoints from economists, scholars, and thought leaders, fostering a rich tapestry of ideas and debates. From discussions on pluralist economics to analyses of cognitive dissonance in financial crises, this platform provides a holistic view of the diverse economic landscape, encouraging readers to think critically and engage with different economic paradigms.

Sustainable Solutions for the Future

In line with the growing emphasis on sustainability and conscious economic practices, Worldonomics explores ecological macroeconomics, climate change, and sustainable development. By advocating for responsible economic policies and environmentally friendly practices, this page advocates for a future where economic growth is harmonized with ecological well-being.

Navigating Global Markets

Through insightful articles and reports, Worldonomics navigates the intricacies of global markets, examining the trends, challenges, and opportunities that shape international trade and finance. By keeping readers abreast of the latest developments in economics, this platform equips individuals with the knowledge needed to understand and navigate the complexities of the global economy.

Empowering Minds Through Education

Worldonomics stands as a beacon of economic education, offering a platform for learners, students, and professionals to expand their knowledge and deepen their understanding of economic principles. By providing resources, research papers, and in-depth analyses, this page empowers individuals to engage with economics meaningfully and enrichingly.

Illuminating Economic Insights

In a world where economics plays a pivotal role in shaping societies, Worldonomics provides a platform for illuminating economic insights that are crucial for informed decision-making. By peeling back the layers of economic theories and policies, this page enables readers to glean valuable perspectives that can inform their views on critical economic issues.

In conclusion, the Worldonomics Page serves as a vital hub for economic enthusiasts, students, and professionals seeking to broaden their understanding of the complex world of economics. With its diverse range of topics, insightful analyses, and thought-provoking discussions, this platform stands as a valuable resource for those looking to delve deeper into the realms of economics and its far-reaching implications.

Reach and Influence

Our magazine enjoys a robust circulation not only across India but also abroad in various mediums, reaching top business and finance professionals throughout India. From public sector enterprises and educational institutions to government offices and private industry leaders, our readers are decision-makers who value quality and in-depth knowledge in their professional lives.

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