Editorial Board

“The Worldonomics Times” aims to empower readers with the knowledge needed to make informed decisions in the realm of economics. To support this goal, it is essential to highlight the role of the Editorial Board in maintaining the quality and relevance of the content presented on the website. The Editorial Board possesses the responsibility to review and approve all articles and materials submitted for publishing, ensuring that they align with the platform’s mission and standards. Comprising individuals with a keen understanding of global economic trends, the Editorial Board, led by individuals such as Sandeep Kumar, serves a pivotal role in curating content that reflects diverse perspectives and thought-provoking analyses within the field of economics. These efforts contribute to fostering an environment where readers can engage with high-quality, well-researched materials designed to enhance their comprehension of economic theories, global economic trends, and potential solutions to economic challenges. Ultimately, the Editorial Board plays a critical role in ensuring that “The Worldonomics Times” serves as an informative and insightful platform, aligning with its mission to empower individuals through knowledge sharing and informed economic discourse.

Our editorial team, led by esteemed Editor-in-Chief CMA Sandeep Kumar, comprises renowned professionals and thought leaders from diverse financial and economic domains. Among them are Dr. Ravi Basu Rathod, a critical care specialist and CEO of Vikrant Criti-Care Air Ambulance Services; CA Preity Nagi, a distinguished corporate trainer; and CMA Dattatraya Ghadge, a respected professional based in Bahrain. Each member brings a unique perspective and expert knowledge to our content, ensuring it is not only informative but also enlightening.

Editors Panel

CMA Sandeep Kumar



Founder: International Navodaya Chamber of Commerce

Dr. Ravi Basu Rathod (Naik)

Editorial Board Member

Critical Care Specialist,

CEO, Vikrant Criti-Care Air Ambulance Services – Indian Flying Doctors

CA Preity Nagi

Editorial Board Member

Corporate Trainer

CMA Dattatraya Ghadge

Editorial Board Member

Professional Bahrain

CMA Divya Pamnani

Editorial Board Member

Washington, USA

CMA Anju Tyagi

Editorial Board Member

Associate INCOC